Wood Flooring Shop Near Me

Have you just been searching for Wood Flooring shop near your location. Luxury Wood Flooring does cover with our professional flooring services most parts of London and Home counties. Our well presented Showroom is nearly located to many properties in North West London.

Choosing wooden flooring is important for every customer, so you have to make sure that you do it right. But from where to start?

Visiting the nearest wood flooring shop

This is usually the right start for any flooring project. It is always recommended to see in person various wood flooring samples in number of styles and finishes. In the right flooring showroom you will be able to see big size flooring samples of the following

Seeing various wood flooring options in person is highly recommended for number of reason. Here are some guidelines that will help you chose the right flooring for you and why you should visit the wooden flooring shop nearby.

Wood Flooring Showroom Near Me

1. Choosing the right Colour for your flooring

Choosing the colour that matches or compliment other finishes is important for any interior decision. Having your flooring - Natural, Pale, Stained or some shade of Grey is something that you have to consider (if you haven't already done so). As the colour son the images never represent the true colour of the wooden flooring, it always highly recommended to see this in person. Sometimes small hand sample could give you an idea, however, due to the fact that the wood is a natural product with its natural colour and grain variation, it is highly advised to see big size sample of the chosen product. The right place to do so is indeed wood flooring shop near your location.

2. Choosing the finish for your floor

Another very important thing which you cannot appreciate from pictures Online is the actual finish of the wooden flooring. With number of Factory, hand crafter and bespoke finishes available on the market, the options are quite a lot. In some of the near flooring showrooms you can feel the surface of the flooring. This could be important especially if you are keen to have brushed, hand scraped or distressed timber flooring. In some of the flooring shops you can even walk on on the chosen floor. If you walk bare foot at home, it may be a good idea to try that before you install your flooring.

3. Choosing the right type of flooring

There are many different types of wooden flooring available on the market - Solid Hardwood, Engineered Timber, Parquet flooring, etc. Most of the times customers get pretty good idea of what they like from pictures Online. It would however be much better experience if you have a chance to see the flooring you are after in person. In the right flooring shop you would most certainly have the chance to see and compare number of flooring types.

Wood Flooring Shop Near Me4. Patterned Flooring or Planks

This is very personal thing and the most important for this decision is your personal preference. It is good however to see various patterned & plank options in the near flooring shop, as this will gives you much clearer picture about the actual flooring appearance. Usually ordering small sample Online could not show any pattern (if this is parquet flooring for example) it will be just small piece of timber.

5. Flooring Structure

Most of the customers would only see the surface of the required timber flooring, as this will be the only visible part of the flooring once it is installed. There is however quite a big difference in the structure of the timber, especially if we talk about engineered wood. In your nearest Professional Flooring Showroom, you could learn a lot of things about this and why choosing wooden flooring with proper structure is so important for the longevity your wooden floor.

What our wood flooring shop near you can offer

Located in the suburb our wood flooring shop is preferred destination for nay professionals and end clients looking for quality flooring and great customer experience. We are proud to be among the highly prised wood flooring shops in the local area. Building our reputation in the past decade, we've offered our Professional flooring services to many households around & outside London. Being local flooring shop for number of years is a proof that the vast majority of our clients are happy to recommend our services to friends and family. We also have very high rate of returning customers, as they already know that Luxury Wood Flooring is a flooring company they can completely rely on.

Wood Flooring Shop Near Me

What make our flooring shop stands out

Apart of our professional and friendly service in our local flooring showroom that we can provide, we are also offering our existing and future, domestic & commercial clients with services second to none including:

  • Exceptional choice of Wooden Flooring
  • Professional advise about the flooring work
  • Qualified on site survey
  • Experienced Floor Fitting or Renovation
  • Completion of the project according to the advised schedule

With Luxury Wood Flooring you can be confident that your project is in safe hands. Do not hesitate, visit our wood flooring shop near you today. Our standard opening hours are Mon - Fri 9.00 - 17.30. If you prefer to visit us during the weekend, bank holiday or outside working hours, we would need to arrange an appointment beforehand. Feel free to get in touch so we can arrange for this if required.

Looking forward to see you soon.