Virtual Tour

Bespoke Wood Flooring Showroom

8 The Market Place
Falloden Way
Garden Suburb
NW11 6JG

Luxury Wood Flooring Ltd welcomes you our Bespoke Wooden Flooring Showroom. Meet our wide range of bespoke and luxury wood flooring, exotic and common wooden floors, variety of marquetry, flooring designs and much more. Watch the video and take a virtual tour in our showroom, but remember that the live experience, can't be comparable to anything else.

Discover the magic and diversity of wooden flooring. Transforming an ordinary floor in to a piece of art, creating something very special for you and your family. Wooden flooring is not only a piece of furniture, it is part of your home, part of your life. It will stand the test of time and every emotion that you experience with your family.
Can you imagine that your wooden floor can be made exactly to your requirements, by your specification. All you need to have is an idea. Leave everything else to our team of professionals - Surveyors, Designers, Floor Craftsmen and watch how your idea comes true. Entirely pre-designed wooden floor or specific finish on a common planks. Contemporary and modern, or traditional and timeless, your floor will be the uniquie spirit of your home, office or showrom. Do not settle for ordinary, turn the place where you live, in something unique, because in this life, everything is important.