Fitting Parquet Flooring

Fitting Parquet flooring is one of the services Luxury Wood Flooring specialises in. Furthermore, we offer traditional and contemporary, herringbone parquet flooring. Indeed, this is often the a preferred flooring option for many households across London. Nevertheless, those who are seeking unique patterned flooring made in real wood - parquet flooring is the right choice.

To begin with, the parquet flooring can be laid in various different flooring patterns.

Classic Parquet Patterns

Herringbone Parquet

Fitting parquet flooring - Herringbone Parquet

Chevron Parquet

Fitting parquet flooring - Chevron Parquet

Basket Weave

Fitting parquet flooring - Basket Weave Parquet

Dutch Parquet

Fitting parquet flooring - Old Dutch Parquet

Herringbone pattern parquet flooring is, without any doubt, the most popular and commonly used parquet pattern in London and England in general. Moreover, in many Victorian properties, people can find beautiful pine or oak herringbone parquet covered by the carpet. The good news is, that if the flooring is well preserved, there is an opportunity your parquet flooring to be restored back to its formal glory.

In addition, in the recent years, another parquet flooring pattern start gaining popularity again and become a trend in the parquet flooring patterns – Chevron Parquet. Known also as Hungarian Herringbone or Hungarian Point. One of the early references of The Chevron Parquet flooring is by the Swedish architect Nicodermus Tessin, in his description of the palace of Versailles in the 1690s. However, there are some evidences for this pattern about 3 centuries earlier. You can learn more about Chevron Parquet at - What is Chevron Parquet Flooring?

Modern Parquet Flooring Patterns

Nevertheless, in the past decade, apart of the Classic Herringbone and Chevron parquet flooring patterns, various other, modern parquet flooring patterns, began to gain popularity. Indeed, when trying to escape from the ordinary, many domestic and commercial customers chose to have a modern patterned style flooring. Furthermore, with the advancement of the technology in wood working, many flooring manufacturers, start to produce various flooring designs. With an enhanced precision of the elements, nowadays it is possible to create unique and very complex flooring patterns. In fact, now we can create a modern parquet flooring pattern, that would suit even the most sophisticated taste.

Mansion Weave

 Mansion Weave Parquet

Cube Parquet

Cube Parquet

Hexagons Parquet

 Hexagons Parquet

You can learn more about Parquet flooring at - Wat is Parquet Flooring?

Parquet Wood Flooring Manufacturer and Supply

To point out that Luxury Wood Flooring is proud manufacturer and supplier of various types of parquet flooring made in different sizes, grades & wood species. Important to remember is that, significant part of our day-to-day business, is indeed fitting of parquet flooring. Moreover, large portion of our floor fitting projects also involves installation of parquet flooring. In addition, we supply various standard size Solid & Engineered Parquet Flooring in number of different grades (Rustic Grade, Natural Grade, Select Grade, Prime Grade).

  • 70x230mm
  • 70x280mm
  • 70x350mm
  • 70x500mm
  • 90x540mm
  • 100x500mm
  • 120x600mm

Herringbone Parquet flooring

It is a common practice indeed, smaller wood blocks to be made of Solid wood and larger parquet blocks to be made as Engineered wood. All of this is done, in order to improve the stability of the flooring. However, Custom and Bespoke sizes are available on special orders, as well. In addition, where the clients are still deciding about the type or size of the required parquet, we are at your disposal and always happy to assist.

Based on our experience, we'll be happy to provide you with professional opinion and advise about the type of flooring that will best suit your property. Furthermore our team member could give you a cost estimation, based on a particular type of parquet required for your project. Of coarse, in order to provide you with a relevant estimated cost for the required flooring work, we would also need some other details for the flooring work. By all means, you are more than welcome to contact us with more information for the required parquet flooring installation project.

Parquet flooring made in exotic woods

In addition to the standard Oak Parquet Flooring, wood blocks are also available in number of different wood species. This would include - Walnut Parquet, Merbau Parquet, Kempas Parquet, Teak Parquet, Wenge Parquet and much, more. Important to understand is that the exotic wood Parquet blocks could be limited in availability & sizes. Feel free to get in touch for more information about the available wood species, in case you are after an unique flooring.

Fitting Parquet Flooring

Another key point is that, our Team of Experienced Parquet Floor Fitters are capable to undertake, even the most complicated parquet floor fitting work. Nonetheless, all will be carried with attention of every minor detail. To point out, the most common way of installing of Parquet flooring, is the wood blocks to be individually laid in the required pattern. Furthermore, some parquet flooring options does require light sanding, polishing and finishing on site, after installation. This way indeed, Luxury Wood Flooring and our team of experienced parquet floor fitters can guarantee nice, smooth and uniform finish throughout the entire space.

Make sure you go with experienced parquet fitters

Also important is that, installing a Parquet Flooring is not a DIY job, but very specialised work. Therefore, it is important only professional parquet floor fitters to carry out the parquet installation work. For the same reason, we would strongly advise, the parquet flooring to be laid only by professional and experienced, parquet flooring specialist. This will not only guarantee that the flooring work will be completed exactly (or often exceeding) client's expectations, but will also improve the longevity of the wooden floor.

With Parquet Flooring Installation you Invest in Your Property

With that said, you have to bare in mind that fitting of a Parquet flooring in Herringbone, Chevron or other parquet pattern, is quite time-consuming job. This on the other hand makes the parquet flooring relatively costly option. Although, it does indeed add to the value of the property. Taking this in to consideration, in long term investment, it is most certainly good value for money. Especially in comparison with some other cost effective alternatives.

Being so labour intensive work, Fitting of Parquet flooring is, by all means, a job for professional floor fitters only. We at Luxury Wood Flooring are proud to be among the most experienced and prized Parquet Flooring Fitters in London. With Vast Portfolio, number of Prestigious Clients, as well as years of experience in Parquet Floor Fitting & Finishing, we've proven our reliability and professionalism, within the industry. In addition all of our parquet flooring projects is completed by very high standards.

Professional Parquet Installation Service

If you are planning to have Parquet wood flooring Installed in your property in London or surrounding areas, Luxury Wood Flooring, is indeed your option number one. With years of experience behind our backs our professional parquet floor fitters are at your disposal. Not only that, but our company provides full service guarantee on our materials and craftsmanship. In addition, we can take care of all necessary works required for the job, including preparation of the base, as well as finishing touches. Indeed choosing to go with professional parquet fitters you guarantee top quality work.

Do not compromise on Quality

Important to remember is that, allowing for non-professional flooring installers, based only on a cost comparison, often not wise spent money. Also important is that non professional parquet flooring installers could cause a lot of potential issues with your flooring. Not only that, but can cause irreparable damage on to the parquet flooring, often caused simply by negligence. For the same reason, the first thing we always encourage our customers, is to go with professional floor fitters. Every work in your property is important, so you better not compromise on quality. On one hand, this will significantly speed up the progress of the flooring work required for your project. On the other hand, it will most certainly saves you a lot of hassle. Nevertheless, the most important is your perfect parquet flooring, delivered together with stress free installation experience.

Our Company Provides Professional Fitting of Parquet Flooring, from start to finish, including:

  • Preparation of the sub-floor. As Flooring Professionals, we know that the good flooring work involves good preparation of the sub floor.
  • Supply of various types of Parquet Flooring, including Engineered Parquet, Solid Parquet, Mosaic Parquet, etc.
  • Choice of number of different standard sizes of parquet wood blocks. In addition we can manufacture any Bespoke size parquet flooring. This would completely satisfy your requirements and fit in perfectly in your flooring area.
  • Professional and Experienced Parquet Floor Fitting Service, laying the parquet blocks in number of classic & Contemporary patterns – Herringbone, Chevron, Basket Weave, Old Dutch Pattern, Brick Pattern, as well as Mansion Weave, Cube Pattern, Hexagon Patter, which would require specific shapes of the wood blocks.
  • Parquet Floor Sanding & Polishing, done by our team of Experienced floor sanding experts, using only Professional & DUST FREE Floor Sanding & Polishing Machines & Equipment.
  • Parquet Floor Finish is carried, entirely according to your requirements regarding the colour (we offer vast choice of standard & bespoke parquet flooring stains), as well as protection finish (Hardwax oil based or Lacquer based). For Commercial & High Traffic areas we can offer Heavy Duty, Commercial grade varnish, for maximum protection. All of the wood floor finishes provided by Luxury Wood Flooring are environmentally friendly and fully compliant with the latest industry regulations and standards.
  • Our Parquet floor fitting service also includes adding a finishing touch, such as supply & installation of skirting or beading around the edges, to cover the expansion gap, as well as supply and fit of matching accessories (trims and thresholds) where required.
  • And finally, but very important, our Parquet Floor Fitting Service is fully Guaranteed, by our company for both Flooring Product & Installation Work. We are knowledgeable in what we do. In addition we are confident that all of our Parquet Flooring jobs are jobs for life.

Important to remember is that Luxury Wood Flooring offers The best Parquet floor fitting services. Remember, your floor fitting project is in safe hands, so rest assured. We are completing all of our parquet fitting projects to the highest quality standards. In addition we also provide great attention to the very last detail. Professional and fully Guaranteed Parquet Floor Fitting Service. Luxury Wood Flooring - Best parquet floor fitters in London.

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