Terms & Conditions


1.1 The "Company" 
The "Company" means Luxury Wood Flooring Ltd., Company Reg No: 07560700, VAT Reg No: 113 3458 44
1.2. The "Customer" 
The "Customer" means the customer of the company 
1.3. The "Order" 
The "Order" means any order for sale of goods or service by the Company to the Customer 
1.4. The "Goods" 
The "Goods" means any goods forming the subject of this order including parts and components of materials incorporated with them


2.1. Delivery term 
We hold extensive quantities of stock available on a 2 - 4 working days delivery anywhere within mainland UK. The delivery term of 2-4 working days we estimate starting of payment receiving date. 
2.2. Time of delivery 
Standard delivery time is between 8.00am and 6.00pm. All goods will be delivered in the standard delivery time slot, unless stated otherwise.
2.3. Delivery place and place access Delivery promises are based on the assumption that there is an unobstructed good hard road giving adequate access by lorry to the delivery address and storage space. The Company can refuse delivery to site if it is deemed dangerous to the driver. 
2.4. Unloading 
Adequate labour must be provided by the customer for unloading. All supply only goods are delivered to curbside only, unless stated otherwise. The Company has no responsibility or liability for the unloading of goods on site and for the storage and security of such goods. 
2.5. Undelivered/Uncollected goods 
The Company cannot be held responsible for non-delivery caused by the customer absence. If a Customer can not accept the goods on the due date he/she has to notify the Company no later than 3 working days prior delivery date. If a Customer fails to take delivery of the goods or any part of them on the due date and fails to provide any instructions documents licenses consents, or authorizations required to enable the goods to be delivered on the due date the Company will return the order and it will be stored. A 30% handling fee will be charged on all returned goods. Excluded from this charge is the pick-up fee, which is not negotiable. 
2.5.1 If a delivery is refused, or nobody accepts the order, re-delivery will be charged at twice the charged amount. The Company keeps the right to charge storage fee for any ordered, paid, or partly goods,which are stored in our warehouse, awaiting for delivery confirmation or collection for more that 28 days.
2.6. Storage 
Risk in the goods shall pass to the Customer when the Customer or its agent takes delivery of the goods. It is strongly recommended the goods to be kept in appropriate conditions in both humidity and temperature.
2.7 Reserved goods
Goods ordered by the Customer, can be kept in our warehouse for pre-determent period of time, agreed with the Customer up on placing an order. After this period a suitable delivery date will be arranged with the client
2.7.1 Storage for Reserved goods
The Company will accept responsibility for storage of any goods kept in reserve for the Customer, for the agreed period of time. If delivery is not arranged, or refused by the Customer after the agreed (reasonable) period of time, the Company reserves the right to charge storage fees (2.5.1). Any storage charge for such goods, must be cleared in full prior arranging delivery or collection.


3.1. VAT 
All prices and offers are correct at time of going to print, but are subject to change and availability. VAT will be charged on all prices (including carriage) at the rate of 20%. 
3.2. Invoices 
Goods will be invoiced at the prices current at the time of the order. Invoices that are incorrect must be returned as no alteration can be made at settlement 
3.3. Price changes 
All Prices are based on current stock and availability. The Company cannot be held responsible for errors that may occur. If the Company discover any errors in the price of goods before we accept your order, we will notify you as soon as possible and give you the option to resubmit your order at the correct price or cancel the order.


4.1 Validity of the Quote
The Company will submit a written quotation for any goods and/or services requested by the Client. All quotations issued are subject to acceptance within 14 days, therefore validity of all quotations is 14 (calendar) days from the date of written in the quotation. The Company reserves the right to withdraw a quotation at any time before it has been accepted by the Company. No quotation issued by the Company shall constitute an offer to supply goods.
4.2 Verbal quotations for stock availability are correct at the time given by the Company, but unless confirmation of an order by the Customer is given immediately the Company cannot guarantee stock availability.
4.3 Quotations are only valid in writing & issued by authorized personal, or in the form of an official proforma invoice.
4.4 Itemized Quotations
All individual prices in any itemized quotation are offered for the whole project, as described in the quotation. The Company cannot guarantee the individual prices if any item or service is ordered separate, excluded of the requirements or replaced with alternative.


5.1. Payment is required on all goods up on placing an order. The Company can not process any special orders, bespoke & custom made items and/or finishes, prior the full payment of the Order is cleared.
5.2. Payment methods accepted 
We accept, Cheque, Postal order, Bankers draft, Cash. We also accept most major debit and credit cards. Feel free to call us on 02084580201 during the standard working hours to arrange payment by telephone. Alternatively you can pay directly in the showroom. The Company is not responsible for any additional surcharge on credit card payments that may occur.
5.3. Payment date 
Payment date is the date when we receive your funds. If you pay by cheque payment date is the date when the cheque clears.
5.4 Confirmation
Upon receipt of your order, the Company will issue a written order confirmation by fax, e-mail or post, usually in form of invoice or a receipt for the payment. Up on confirmation Customer's order will be processed. Any lead time for manufacturing and/or supplying of goods, or book a service, should commence up on confirmation.
5.5 Payment Due Date
Up on completion of works, the Company will issue payment request in the form of VAT invoice. The payment Due Date of the Invoice is 7 (seven) days, from the date of the invoice.
5.5.1 Partial/Stage payment
Where the flooring project needs to be carried in stages, or the scope of works is of larger scale, payment request in the form of VAT invoice is going to be issued at the completion of each stage of work. Payment Due Date is 7 (seven) days, from the date of the invoice.
5.6 Late Payments
If the invoice is not cleared with in 30 days of the receipt/date of the invoice, the company keeps the right to charge interests on the full amount of the invoice, plus late payment fee.
5.7 Unpaid Orders/Invoices
The Company keeps the right to take legal actions for any unpaid invoices. The company has the right to claim any legal fees, including, but not limited to - solicitors fees, court fees, debt collector fees and any other costs, as a result of the customer's failure to pay.


6.1. Our Company's products will be afforded a minimum of 5 years and maximum of 25 years warranty on structural integrity of the product. This will entirely depends on the chosen flooring product, more information for particular products and their warranty period, can be provided up on request. The Company warrantee, that our flooring products, when supplied as new and through approved supplier, shall be free of defects in lamination, assembly, milling, dimension and grading, and that the Surface Wear Layer will not wear through within the warranty period, after invoice date. The term "wear through" is defined as the 100% reduction of the Surface Wear Layer over an area comprising 5% of the total Surface Flooring installed. If in the unlikely event our products do not perform according to the applicable warranty, we will, at our option, repair, refinish or replace such portion, with the same product or another product of equal value. When the flooring is installed by the Company, during the first year of this warranty we assume liability of removal of defective products and installation of replacement products, at no cost to the customer. After this period (when applicable), the Company shall only provide the flooring products for replacement, free of charge.
6.2 The warranty will only apply if the floor is maintained in a proper way, according to manufacturer's recommendation and is not subjected to water escape, floods or maintenance procedures that utilize wet works. These will void all warranties.
6.3 Important: Wood is a hygroscopic material and will expand and contract with changing moisture conditions and temperature during different times/seasons of the year. Some minor separation between boards and/or minor cracks might occur during seasonal change, or change in environment resulting in fluctuations in temperature and humidity levels. This is not considered a defect and is not covered by this warranty.
6.4 Finishes: Our warranty will cover the finish of the flooring if any defects occurs after installation, resulting in peeling of the finish, or significant colour change within a short period of time (this excludes some exotic wood species, with wich the colour change is most rapid in the first several months after installation). All oil based finishes require special maintenance and re-oiling during the entire life span of the floor, depending on traffic, daily use and care. The client is required to do this, or hire the Company (or other specialists) to do it. Failing to carry out regular maintenance will void the warranty. Our warranty does not cover wear & tear.
6.5 This Warranty does not apply to flooring products sold as "clearance", "second choice" or "promotions". No installer, dealer, agent or employee has the authority to alter the obligations or limitations of this warranty. Our warranty is valid from the date of the purchase. The warranty will only apply to flooring products in their original installation/delivery location. Warranty certificate can be issued upon Customer's request. Such certificate will only be issued in the name of the purchaser as written on the invoice. The warranty is not transferable, therefore it shall expire if the product or installation location (premises where floor is installed) is transferred or re-sold.
6.6 This warranty shall not apply in any of the following cases:
6.6.1 Improper on inadequate installation, meaning installations not made with recommended auxiliary products/accessories and according to our recommended procedures and manufacturer's instructions.
6.6.2 Improper or inadequate sub-floor, underlayments, meaning installations made over not recommended sub-floor types(e.g. calcium sulphate-type), underlayments (e.g. gypsum-based), sub floors (e.g. plaster), sub-floor conditions (e.g. excessive moisture, unevenness, dirt), or any other sub-floor that was not allowed to dry sufficiently.
6.6.3 Inadequate product choice for the intended use conditions, meaning that the flooring product is not the one recommended for the specific traffic and load conditions. Flooring products are intended for indoor applications only.
6.6.4 Improper or inadequate maintenance, meaning that maintenance is not made using recommended products and following respective instructions indicated on the maintenance product's packaging. This includes, but it is not llimited to, using of inpapropriate cleaning and maintenance products: strong chemicals (bleach, etc.), cleaning methods with excessive moisture (bucket of water and mop, etc.) and/or heat (steam cleaners, etc.), which could directly or indirectly affect the structural integrity of the wooden flooring and/or finish.
6.6.5 Unapproved modification or repair, meaning operations not specifically recommended by us, including  any refurbishment  operation  of  the  flooring  product.
6.6.6  Extreme environmental conditions, meaning transportation, storage or installation of the flooring product in inappropriate locations or environments, exposure to extreme heat, moisture or dryness (more than 65%, less than 35% R.H). This warranty does not cover cracking, warping or soiling as a result of the floor reacting to such conditions. 
6.6.7 Accidents, abuse, misuse, force majeure, meaning not recommended use, damage from heavy furniture, appliances, or equipment used without sufficient protection, impact damage, scars from sharp or pointed objects, cuts, tears, scuffs, scratches, vacuums with beater bar heads,  or other damages caused by lack of proper preventive care, misuse, negligence, burns, water, insects, pets, erosion, spiked heel shoes, pebbles, sand or other abrasives. The Company warranties exclude defects and damages caused by man made or natural disasters including leaking or broken plumbing, fire, flood, earthquake.
6.6.8 Difference in shade or colour. Our flooring products are produced from natural materials. We do not warrant any difference in shade or colour between samples/photographs and - the actual flooring; from batch to batch; due to exposure to sunlight; resulting from replacement of a portion of your floor; resulting from the different age and history of the same product reference/batch.
6.6.9 Detectable defects, verified prior to installation shall be covered by this Warranty only if the defective products are not installed, and the notification is made without delay after the defect is, or could have been detected. 
6.7 In order for our warranty to continue to apply throughout this 5 years, the customer needs to arrange for survey of the condition of the flooring every 6 months which will be subject to fee of £150.00 for each survey.
6.8 Underfloor Heating: The Company takes no responsibility for Engineered flooring laid over underfloor heating in any of the following cases:
6.8.1 Underfloor heating temperature exceeds 27C on the surface of the flooring/subfloor at any time of the usage. 
6.8.2 Sharp change of temperature, meaning temperature amplified or decreased of 6C or above over a period of 24 hours.
6.8.3 When underfloor heating is completely switched off for periods longer than two weeks, followed by sharp increase of temperature.
6.8.4  In case of entire or part of the flooring area is covered permanently or temporary (by plastic sheets, membranes, carpets, rugs, or similar) when the underfloor heating is fully operational.
6.9 Our warranty does not cover renovation work carried out into existing types of flooring, not installed previously by us.
6.10 Working with Reclaimed wood flooring: Reclaimed flooring material in any type (planks, parquet, engineered wood, etc.) that may be required, in order to repair a particular section of the existing flooring will be provided in matching (or close match, where exact match is not possible to be sourced) - size, pattern, wood species and the reclaimed flooring will be structurally sound.
6.10.1 Disclaimer: The required Reclaimed flooring is made by reclaimed lumber and it is natural product. Variation between provided sample and the final product may occur. Any variation, or defect is acceptable with reclaimed timber flooring, if the product is structurally sound. Examples of variations and defects include, but are not limited to: staining, tool marks, weathering, discoloration, rough-sawn, cracking, mixed grain patterns, nail holes, insect marks, etc. These imperfections should be expected as part of the character and beauty of reclaimed wood.
The Company cannot guarantee 100% match in colour, shade, or appearance of the supplied reclaimed flooring and the existing flooring, due to natural characteristics, age & usage difference, origin of the timber, etc.

No other warranty, express or implied, is made. Under this warranty, we assume no liability for damages arising from the purchase, use, or inability to use this product, or from any special, indirect, incidental, or consequential damages. This means any loss, expense, or damage other than to the flooring itself that may result from a defect in the flooring, incurred or suffered by or occasioned to the end user/purchaser of a defective product, or to any third party. Our warranty does not cover any products and/or services, subject to an outstanding payments, claims or disputes. This warranty gives you specific rights but does not affect any legal rights of any end user/purchaser. 


7.1. Returns 
If for any reason you wish to cancel your order and return non-faulty goods please advise us in writing by fax, e-mail or post, within 28 days of receipt. Returned goods must be in unopened original packaging and in undamaged condition. We will arrange for collection. All returns will be subject to a re-stock charge of 30%, plus return carriage charge.
7.1.1 Cancellation of order while awaiting delivery/collection.
The Customer have the right to cancel the order while it is kept in storage and awaiting the delivery date within 28 days of receipt. All cancelled orders will be subject to 30% restock charge, unless stated otherwise. Orders cancelled while awaiting for delivery/collection, after 28 days of the receipt will also be subject to an additional storage charge, which will start after the end of this period.
7.1.2 Storage
The goods can only be kept in reserve, in storage for the Customer, after pre-determined arrangements, stating the period of storage. After the predetermined period, the company reserves the right to raise storage charge, per day, from the date after the agreed deadline. Storage charge could vary depending on the type and quantity of the goods. Any additional storage charge needs to be cleared prior arranging delivery/collection. Undelivered/Uncollected goods will be subject to a storage charge up to the full value of the goods, after which period, the possession of the goods will be transferred back to the Company.
7.2. Refund
A refund of goods cost incl. VAT will be made within 30 days of receiving your notice of cancellation. The delivery and return charges will not be refunded. If the goods are offered with free Delivery, standard delivery & collection cost will be deducted from the amount of the flooring. This does not affect your consumer statutory rights.
Refund of goods can be requested/issued no later than 28 days from the date of payment.
7.3. Bespoke & Special orders.
Any bespoke & custom made finishes and/or products, reduced to clear or discontinued items, promotional offers & goods are excluded from our return policy. They can not be returned, refunded or exchanged.


8.1 The Company will supply the Customer with goods that are free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months (or longer if required by law) from the date of delivery. The Customer is obligated to inspect the goods immediately upon delivery and advise the Company as soon as possible of any discrepancies, defects, or damages. Where the Customer has used, or installed the goods, such use or installation shall be taken as conclusive evidence that the buyer has accepted the goods notwithstanding that there is a defect in the quality, or condition of the goods, or that they may fail to correspond with their specification and the buyer in those circumstances waives the right to make any claim against the company. The Customer must accept full responsibility for the suitability of the goods ordered for the purpose to which they are used. 
8.2 If goods are delivered faulty or incorrect, the Customer must contact the Company as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) calendar days from the date of delivery. The company cannot take any responsibility for goods damaged during the transportation, where a third party delivery company is used, nor during the unloading or installation, if not done by the company. If the customer notice that the goods are delivered damaged or incorrect, the customer have the right to refuse to accept the goods and/or put a note on to the delivery receipt, together with appropriate evidence of the damage.
8.3 If the goods are found to be damaged or defective prior to delivery, we will at our option replace the defective goods or refund the price paid by the Customer.
8.4 Returning defective goods
Our Company shall have the right to examine any goods, subject of any claim, or complaint after the delivery thereof. In case that the inspection needs to be carried at the client's location, the customer shall provide access at the agreed day and time. The Company will then arrange for collection and a full refund on receipt of goods at our warehouse or at the latest within 30 days of agreeing to give the refund. Save as aforesaid shall be under no further liability to the buyer in respect of the short delivery, defective goods, failure to comply with description or lack of quality, delay in delivery or in respect of any other complaint relating to the goods.


9.1 All flooring services – floor installation, floor sanding, floor repair, floor preparation works, etc. would only commence in Customer’s property after prior confirmation of the date and after relevant deposit is cleared.
9.1.1 All flooring services are carried out at the premises of the Customer. It is requirement of the Company that normal working environment is provided for the duration the works, this includes, but it is not limited to:
- Electricity to be available. Floor Sanding equipment only works at 230v
- Walfare facility ro be available (wc as minimum)
- Job site to be water tight and normal temperature of 18-22 C,
- Premises to be completely empty, clean and available for use
- Noisy works are to be done within normal working hours Monday to Friday 8 AM to 5 PM
- Parking arrangements, or advise to be provided by the Customer for the duration of the works.
If any of the above cannot be provided by the Cutomer, details and alternatives, shall be discussed, prior commencement of the flooring work.
9.2 Any additional work, which does not appear in our quotation will be subject to an extra charge. The minimum charge for an additional work requested from the customer after flooring work starts is £450 excl of VAT.
9.3 Cancellation of service
If for any reason the Customer wish to cancel or postpone already booked appointment he/she have the right to do so by sending the Company a written notification by email, fax or post, which needs to be received no later than 3 working days before the booked date. If failing to do so, the Company keeps the right to charge £550 excl of VAT late cancellation fee, or single day rate of £320 e xcl of VAT per tradesman, arranged to work in the job (whichever is greater).
9.4 Delay of Service
If the flooring work needs to be delayed or postponed, after the flooring works begin, due to circumstances not related to the company, caused by, but not limited to: other works/tradesmen on site, if flooring area is not cleared, inappropriate site conditions, or if requested by the client/contractor, the company reserves the right to apply standing charge of £80 per hour, per tradesman for the full duration of the delay, or for minimum of one working day (8 hours) for all tradesmen on site, if the job is postponed for number of days. The flooring work then will be re-booked for the first available date. Specific dates requested by the client/contractor after such delays are not guaranteed.
9.5 Amendments to Order
9.5.1 Bespoke & Marquetry Flooring
All Bespoke orders: Flooring Planks/Blocks, Bespoke finished mouldings, thresholds, steps and/or step nosings, etc. are made to order, for the specific project, according to the provided quotation. Any additional flooring or items/accessories requested after the order is processed will be subject, but not limited to: retooling charge (minimum of £250 excl. of VAT), delivery & transportation costs for any additional flooring material and/or accessories, labour cost for finishing. The Company cannot guarantee same rates for any Bespoke finished flooring or accessories, if quantity is changed after the quotation is accepted and processed, or if additional flooring or accessories is requested.
All Marquetry Designs flooring: Medallions, Mosaic Panels, Bespoke Borders, Patterned flooring are made to order according to the clients specification. Once the quotation is accepted and payment is cleared the order is processed in the Factory. The Company, keeps the right to refuse any amendments to the specification of the requires product, after the manufacturing process begin. Any additional marquetry flooring material requested after the manufacturing process begins, will be treated as a separate order and the Company cannot guarantee same rates for the individual items, as they will be based on the new quantity required and priced up accordingly.


Apart from providing excellent quality products at the best possible price, our Company is completely dedicated to exceeding customer expectations. If you have any suggestions, comments or any cause for complaint please contact us. The Company keep the right to amend the terms and condition, without notice. Please visit our website regularly in order to keep yourself up to date.