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The history of Kährs begun back in 1857 with the opening of the shop fpr crafting wooden utility goods in Nybro, Sweden. In 1919, Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, set up his own company. Under his leadership the company developed and became an important and innovative producer of wooden doors, toys, furniture and flooring. Gustaf was dedicated to find efficient ways to use the sustainable wood raw material and to improve the stability of wood when used in building materials. He worked hard to find a solution for the problem of gapping, twisting and cupping of solid wood floors. In 1941 Kährs was awarded a patent, for the invention of today’s modern engineered hardwood floor, the multilayer floor.Nowadays, Kährs is well known as one of the oldest manufacturers of wood floors in the world and also one of the most innovative.

  • 1941 – The multi-layer parquet board is born - A milestone in Kährs’ history – as well as in the history of wood flooring – was reached in 1941. Gustaf Kähr, grandson of the founder, was granted a patent for the multi-layered parquet board and the world’s first engineered parquet was born.
  • 1958 - The first factory-lacquered floor - Previously, floors were installed and sanded before being lacquered on site. The production of a factory lacquered floor required a high degree of precision to ensure that the surface of the floor was smooth and consistent in use. Kährs introduced an accuracy in production that was unparalleled in wood processing.
  • 1965 – The first sports floor - Kährs patented a completely new sports floor construction. Boards were nailed to a flexible batten system, which resulted in a floor that was able to absorb impacts and give a more uniform response to sports activities. Most modern sports floors are still based on this construction.
  • 1984 – Solvent-free lacquer - Kährs began its own environmental programme long before it became general practice in the industry. Kährs was the first floor manufacturer to be able to boast an entirely solvent-free production process.
  • 1995 – Introducing a new generation of wood floors: Linnea - Kährs introduced Linnea, a floor range with outstanding qualities. Whilst Linnea has a thin surface layer, it is as hard and durable as many wood imitations, such as laminate floors. Linnea offers a combination of style, performance and ease of installation, and it´s eco-friendly, economical and genuine wood too.
  • 2000 – Woodloc®, a world innovation - Kährs introduced the world’s first parquet floor with a glueless Woodloc® joint. The technology was seen as revolutionary, resulting in faster installation and giving perfect results, as well as eliminating gapping between the boards, caused by climate-change.
  • 2004 – Activity Floor, the new sports star - Kährs developed and launched a new sports floor. Activity Floor can be laid quickly and over larger areas. It is approved by the global standard for sports floors - DIN - and used at major sporting events, such as the FISAF World and European Aerobics Championships.
  • 2010 – The next generation wood joint - Kährs launched its next generation Woodloc® joint system – Woodloc® 5S. The revolutionary new joint makes installation even faster and easier, while producing a stronger floor.
  • 2011 – The world's first wood floors made from dual FSC® and Faitrade-certified wood

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Kährs creative spirit and over 150 years of experience provided all of us with the revolutionary innovations, which changed the global wood flooring industry for good. The invention of the multi-layer board and the glueless Woodloc® joint, makes the wood flooring that we use nowadays, much better and far more reliable.

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