How to look for “floor fitter near me” in 2020

When it comes to fitting of your wooden floors, majority of the customers seems to be more comfortable when choosing local floor fitters. “Looking for floor fitter near me” is a preferred method of searching for the best flooring contractor. Let’s explore the best practices to do that.

Search for Floor Fitter Near Me

Search online for “floor fitter near me”

That’s perhaps the most obvious way of searching for new things nowadays. Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and many others, usually provide good results, taking in to consideration how relevant the displayed page is to your search. You can also see some adverts, or paid positions, usually the top ones, where the companies paid to get positioned there. There also might be some map listings displayed with in the search results, showing some local companies. This type of searching the world wide web in most cases would give you most relevant result and the websites could provide really good floor fitting service, however not always these websites represent local floor fitters. Search for Floor Fitter

Search online on Maps

Another popular search where you can try the key phrase “floor fitter near me” is the maps. The very same platforms Google Maps, Bing Maps, etc. do have their own online maps, where there companies or individuals could register themselves and appear in certain location. This would most certainly will show you the closest listings referring to your search and will show the very local floor fitters. While there might be quite skilful floor layers near you, the Best floor fitters may not be among the local tradesman, living in your neighbourhood.

Check Rating & Reviews

Once you’ve shortlisted few results that you’ve find on the map or on the google search, while looking for “floor fitter near me”. You need to make sure that the ones you’ve chosen are good enough to successfully carry out floor fitting work. At the end of the day, the main goal is to find the local floor fitter that will complete the flooring installation work, to the high quality standards that you would expect to. Most of the results in the map or natural online search, do show star rating score of the displayed listings. You can also try to check if they have a reviews and ratings in other specialized platforms such as Trustplot, Reviews, as well as many others and see if they rating score Most Reliable Traderthere. Please note that the specialised review websites are usually paid platforms and the companies or individuals pay for their services, which in my opinion could put a question mark on how genuine the reviews displayed there are. Also you have to take in to consideration the fact that not all of the companies or sole trades would have profile there (as they do not pay for the reviews websites). Of coarse, there could be always a doubt if any reviews are purpose made or left by genuine clients, but we’ll discuss this in another topic.

Search for “floor fitter near me” in business directories

Most popular ones Yell, My Builder, Rated People, Check a Trade, etc. would appear anyway in your online initial search. All of this websites contain vast information with details of various traders which cover certain areas and usually would display the ones which do cover your area (it is not necessary to be physically located there though). All of this web directories, offer paid positions and some would only have information of companies and/or individuals, which have subscribed to their services. While this could display relevant results to your search “floor fitter near me”, it does not make it an objective search, as it would only (or mostly) display contractors, which are paying to be positioned there. There simply might be experienced and local floor fitters, that do not pay for the services of the above websites, which you would not be able to find in this directories.

Search in Social media platforms.

Floor fitter near me - social mediaThere is an extensive usage of Social media platforms nowadays of individuals, as well as professionals. Peaty much all reputable floor fitting companies, as well as sole trading floor layers would have profiles in in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. It might not give you a relevant result if you search for “floor fitter near me” in those websites/platforms, however once you shortlist some floor fitting contractors, you can easily check their social presence there. You can see some pictures of their projects, as well as check anyrelevant reviews left by other users. Ones again, you have to take in to account that, these platforms would only display profiles that has been registered by someone. Some old school floor layers, may not be displayed there, although any tradesman or company needs some sort of advertisement and exposure, so they can find new jobs and business for them.

Ask local people

Another good way to look for local floor fitter is local recommendations. You can ask your neighbors that has recently installed their flooring, to share their experience and recommend you a floor fitter. You can also ask local community for recommendation or advise. One easy way to do that is using the social media. Most users contributing in particular local group would be quite happy to share their thoughts and experience, as well as to recommend someone they know.

Check Local News Paper

While the printed newspapers are far less commonly used in comparison to the online ones, most of the local papers would have their online equivalent. Some offer free basic listings to local tradesman, including local floor fitters, others would display paid advert of those who are willing to advertise there. Ocasionaly both printed and online newspapers could be handy if you search for "floor fitter near me"

NOTE: When you are doing an online search for “floor fitter near me” from your PC, Laptop or mobile device you must allow the device to get access to your location (GPS). Some devices could get your location using the mobile or broadband network, however the most relevant result would only be displayed if the search engine knows where exactly you are.

There are number of ways to look for “floor fitter near me”, as described above. In most of the cases this will give you relevant results to what you are looking for, either paid or organic ones. It might be a good idea to do few different types of search when you do that. While supporting the local tradesman is indeed good for the community you are living in, sometimes the best floor fitters are not necessarily local to you. There are many companies, as well as individuals, which are happy to travel to your area, even though they are not physically located there.

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