Wood Floor Installation and Fitting services in Bedmond WD5

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Bedmond WD5 is one of the areas covered by our wooden floor installation & fitting services. If you are planning to do a refurbishment involving installation of new wood flooring in Bedmond WD5, Luxury Wood Flooring is the right choice. Our experienced floor fitters will complete the job according to your specific requirements, paying attention to the very last detail.

Wood Floor Installation Services in Bedmond WD5

  • Installation of Solid Hardwood Flooring (Oak, Walnut, Exotics)
  • Laying of Engineered floor boards (any size & finish)
  • Professional floor fitting using the latest flooring installation technics (secret nailing, gluing down, floated floor)
  • Parquet flooring installation (herring bone, basket weave, mosaic parquet), including sanding & finishing on site.
  • Preparation of all types of sub-floor (sound proofing, damp proofing, levelling) is a part of the wood flooring installation process.
  • Fitting of mouldings (skirting, beading, strips)
  • Providing of bespoke or matching accessories (door thresholds, reducers, etc)
  • Cladding of steps (threads & risers) with real wood.

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If your property is located in Bedmond WD5. Do not hesitate to call us now on 02084580201. We can give you an estimate over the phone or arrange for un-obligational site visit in order to obtain an accurate quote.

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